Get Involved

Help recreate a better Seafair

To actively participate in the recreation of Seafair, you can engage in several ways:

  • Share the campaign on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Sign the petition advocating for uninviting the military airshow and supporting reimagining Seafair
  • Spread awareness through talking with friends and neighbors about the reimagined Seafair and its focus on showcasing Seattle’s unique beauty and cultural richness
  • Write emails and letters to local official organizations such as the Seattle Parks Department and Seattle City Council to influence decision-making regarding event planning and programming.Participate in the demonstration on August 3rd and 4th as a powerful way to show solidarity and advocate for positive changes within Seafair. This public gathering will serve as a platform for individuals to voice your opinion, share ideas, and engage in constructive dialogue with all of us involved in reorganizing Seafair. By actively getting involved through social media engagement, petition signing, writing letters to officials, and participating in demonstrations, you can play a crucial role in shaping the future of Seafair and ensuring it reflects the values and aspirations of the Seattle community.