Time for

Seafair Change!


Goals of the Seafair Climate Action Campaign:

  • Exclude military fighter jet participation from the annual Seafair Air Show
  • Join with the people of King County to re-create a Seafair that celebrates the region’s community traditions, especially those that help build resilience in the face of the climate crisis 
  • Collaborate with others around the country to call attention to the harmful waste of resources, pollution, and carbon emissions resulting from military airshows

No Military Airshow

Ending military airshows can significantly reduce pollution by decreasing the emissions from fighter jets and other high-performance aircraft. 


Reimagine Seafair

Reimagining Seafair to showcase Seattle’s environmental stewardship and celebrating the community traditions of the people who call Seattle home.

Get involved!

Joining the Seafair Climate Action efforts at both ending the military airshow and reimagining a more sensible and representative Seafair.


About Seafair Climate Action

Seafair Climate Action is an alliance of various local groups with similar concerns: burning fossil fuels that cause climate change, noise pollution, and outdated practices glorifying the military instead of the beauty of our unique city. 

This effort is supported by members from groups such as Veterans for Peace Seattle, local climate action groups, environmental, and Seattle neighborhoods and individuals.