Seafair Climate Action Campaign – Media Coverage

2023 Demonstrations

Media coverage of the 2023 Seafair demonstrations to promote aware of the damages caused by the military airshow at Seafair. 

The Seattle Times:

An LTE was published August 4 by a So Seattle resident Dan Klein, who stopped by our protest on August 5. Note: anyone can submit an LTE to the ST in support of Dan Klein’s (word limit 200):


The Urbanist:

Rachel Heaton (Muckleshoot) and Barbara Clabots’ opinion piece in The Urbanist

The opinion piece links to a petition started last year using the platform, now surging toward 2500 signatures. [We have not yet decided whether to start a new petition, with different demands or content.]


South Seattle Emerald: 

We Asked, You Answered – South Seattle Emerald survey (approximately 90 responses)

Member Glen Milner on Blue Angels’ noise pollution and navy’s knowledge of it

And from 2022:


Broadcast Local News:

August 5 covered by KING 5. Mary commenting on the health impacts of the BAs’ noise and fumes 

August 6 covered by KIRO 7


The Stranger (“Seattle’s only newspaper”):

Charles Mudede’s opinion piece in the Stranger

Also this in the August 4 “Slog” in The Stranger:

“Let’s fucking fight the Blue Angels: A group of environmentalists and pacifists are organizing against the Blue Angels. On Saturday and on Sunday, protesters against the annual show of military power, which burns 68,000 gallons of jet fuel and burns 650 metric tons of carbon dioxide, will gather at Genesee Park from 10 am to noon.”

And this cartoon “Seattle during Seafair Week” also on August 4:

Real Change News:

Opinion Piece by Jill Friedberg, who updated the piece she wrote last year for the South Seattle Emerald. The photo is from our protest, which does not get mentioned in the piece but is, perhaps, implied!



Some photos from members

From the airshow and a few from From Hiroshima to Hope, Green Lake 


Media reports from other municipalities

Miramar Air Show Fuels the Climate Crisis – Boycott It!

Opinion: Airshow protest highlights Pentagon’s carbon footprint